All Tratos silicone cables are capable of operating in extreme temperatures, from -60°C up to +180°C. This means silicone is ideal for use in places where resistance to heat is essential such as lighting appliances, catering equipmentincluding industrial cookers and ovens, and neon sign illumination. Our range includes:

SIA: Silicone insulated with a solid conductor
SIAF: Silicone insulated with a flexible conductor
SIAF/GL: Silicone insulated with a flexible conductor and a glass fibre braid
SIHF: Multicore, silicone insulated and sheathed with a flexible conductor available with glass braid, copper screen or galvanised wire braid armour.

Silicon Cable High Temperature


International Standards – IEC 60245
European Standards – BS EN 50143, BS EN 50525, DIN VDE 0282