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Tratos has now developed, tested and successfully installed a completely new hybrid design of conductor for use in overhead lines based upon a high load carrying carbon fibre core with two compact, space saving, segmental thermal resistant aluminium alloy (AT1) wire layers, helically applied around in accordance with IEC 62004. This avoids the use of traditional conductor designs, based on existing technology, where any increase in transmitted power results directly in either an increase in size and hence the weight of the conductor, or an increase in the operating temperature above the recommended maximum operating temperature.

These new innovative hybrid conductors are especially suitable as a fast and cost effective replacement for traditional ACSR conductors in short and medium spans in all topographical locations.

Overhead Conductor Cables - HV


International Standards – IEC 61089, IEC TR 61597, IEC 62004
European Standards – BS EN 50341, BS EN 62004

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