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Non-mercury Slip Rings CE RoHS compliance gallium alloy

Liquid metal rotary connectors

Single conductor


Slip rings

  • Very low electric noise
  • Very low cost
  • Very low contact resistance (less than 1 mini ohm)
  • No maintenance and better reliability than traditional slip rings
  • Suitable for signal and power transfer of rotating devices or instruments

Non-mercury Slip Ring Single Conductor

SKU: CERoHSsingle

Excellent performance for the applications

•Index table for signal and power connection

•Resistor cutting machine

•Electro plating line

•Rotary stage

•Cable wheel

•Circle knitting machine

•Coloring device


•Rotary lamp box

•Surgical lamp

•Reel to reel plating line equipment

•Speed dome camera

•Package machine

•Heating roller

•Laminating machine

•Winding machine

•Spinning LED sign board

•Wind Turbines

•Pipe inspection Camera

•Welding machines