All TJB HV couplers feature a durable aluminum housing with a solid polyester insulator plate and your choice of EP rubber or 100% virgin molded PTFE insulating tubes. Our unique cable entrance allows TJB couplers to meet IP 67 standards for dust and water exclusion even when the cable is out of round or under sized.

With contacts tested to 800A DC and able to accommodate conductor sizes as small as #10 and as large as 500MCM with a cable diameter of 3.75” means no matter what your use case is, our HV couplers will fit your needs.


PTFE has many properties that make the lifetime ownership costs lower than rubber in most situations:

  • NONSTICK means coupler cleaning requires little more than a damp cloth.
  • INERT there are very few chemicals that can react with or damage PTFE, so acidic mine environments do not decrease coupler life.
  • HYDROPHOBIC PTFE does not absorb water like rubber so dielectric strength is not compromised in damp environments.
  • RIGIDITY the stiffness of PTFE requires less cable training to maintain contact alignment during installation.
  • NO TRACKING tracking is caused by the slow breakdown of an insulator due to high voltage exposure;  while you may see a black path form on PTFE insulators, from arcing on dirt, the black path is NON-conductive and simple cleaning will bring the insulator back to 100% usability

Couplers High Voltage - Up to 25KV

SKU: CouplerHV

NO-THREAD- Since TJB introduced the first no-thread couplers they have grown in popularity and are the most frequently ordered closure type.  The no-thread connectors have become so popular because they solve almost all the issues associated with other closure types.  No-thread couplers use a pin and slot design that goes from open to closed in as little as 90 degrees.  Detents at the end of the slot provide a positive indication of coupler closure and also prevent decoupling due to vibration.  Unlike conventional threads the TJB no-thread design is self-cleaning, avoiding the prolonged downtime and damaged parts resulting from jammed threads.  Kits to convert TJB and NON-TJB couplers to no-thread are available and take only a few minutes to install.

4-PITCH is the best option when a threaded coupler is required, with a blunt start and a double thread design, TJB 4-pitch couplers virtually eliminate the possibility of cross threading and thread roll over while also decreasing the number of turns required to mate the couplers.  All TJB HV couplers come with a ball bearing mounted floating nut. The ball bearings reduce the intrinsic drag and provide a longer wear life in frequently coupled connectors.  The floating nut also allows for the plug to be inserted into the socket before the threads are engaged enabling faster connections and decreasing the likelihood of insulator damage. 

8-PITCH-  is only recommended to legacy operations where conversion to 4-pitch or no-thread is not an option.  While not an ideal connection type TJB has taken several steps to reduce the problems that can occur with 8-pitch couplers.  The plug nuts on 8-pitch couplers are fitted with a stainless steel thread to prevent galling, and as with the 4-pitch a blunt start thread provides cross threading protection and creates a more durable first thread.