A Kirklock is a brand of lock that is used as a mechanical interlock to prevent couplers from being opened or covers from being removed when the power is on.  All Kirklock equipped couplers come with a dust cover (suffix 3) or an optional weatherproof cover (suffix 3A).  Locks can be keyed alike or differently and serial numbers are tracked so future orders can me matched or differentiated.



The padlock provision enables the user to use a standard padlock (not included) to either lock the cover in place or to lock two couplers together.  Padlock devices can be used as a self-managed interlock system or for security.



Additional ground checks provide for redundancy in the ground check system.  TJB high voltage couplers come standard with one ground but can accommodate two (suffix 4), three (suffix 4A), or four (suffix 4B) total ground checks.  In all configurations every ground check makes contact after the phase and ground contacts and breaks contact before the phase and ground contacts, ensuring that there is never an improper signal path.



Our standard feet mount the coupler with 2 bolts and are designed to reduce weight and facilitate easier coupler movement, when extra mounting security is preferred we also offer a single piece four hole foot and as the name implies mounts the coupler using 4 bolts.  The larger foot attached to the coupler using the same bolts as the standard feet and can be added after the initial sale with no modifications.



For cable with an included fiber optic line that needs to connect to a panel mounted connector or another connector outside of the coupler we can supply an exit gland in the end bell.  The exit gland is a compression fitting with a rubber gasket sized to your specific fiber optic cable.  We also include a plug sized for the exit gland to maintain a water tight seal even if the fiber optic cable is not in use.



Our heavy duty aluminum housings are built to withstand almost all exposure conditions, but there are instances where even more protection is called for.  In port operations where couplers are often submerged in or exposed to heavy amounts of salt water it is worthwhile to protect the coupler housing with either a hard anodized (suffix 9), or epoxy paint (suffix 9A) coating to extend the service life of the external parts.

High Voltage Coupler Options

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