The Gb350 is an automatically guided vehicle (AGV) for quick and cost-efficient automation of your internal transport processes.

GESSbot Gb350 - Autonomous Logistics

SKU: Gb350

Autonomous Movement - The robot moves autonomously within your company. Thanks to the fusion of various sensor systems, the Gb350 maintains an overview of everything within a radius of 20 m.  Using the Social Navigation System (SNS), it reacts to dynamic changes and always choses the optimum route.

Great Audio-Visual features

Fall Protection - Thanks to step cavity recognition

GESSbot Charge System - The charging process is fully automated

Overload-proof with integrated scale

Easy to Operate - User-friendly configurable interface

Structures with Industry Interfaces - Standard structures and customer-specific solutions can be provided. Those are connected directly to the Gb350 and thus form a unit. The Structures are automatically included in the safety circuit, which means that no additional hardware and software solutions are required to restore the level of safety.