The KST 5 is an ergonomically designed swiveling crane control chair which provides a high degree of comfort.

Crane Control Unit KST 5 Swiveling

SKU: KST5 Swiveling

Equipment boxes
The equipment boxes are made from sheet steel and as standard have a hinged lid with locking feature.
This allows for easy inspection and maintenance.
The side of the equipment boxes is as standard fitted with an inspection plate which again is lockable.
The arrangement of the joystick, indicators and control devices is cutomised according to customer specifications.
This combined with the custom sized and profiled equipment boxes that are available means that the KST 5 is very flexible and customisable solution.

Driver seat
As standard the KST 5 is fitted with a KFS 11 seat.
The seat itself is fitted with a hydraulic vibration absorption system complete with weight adjustment to ensure that the comfort level is fitted with armrests and a headrest.
There is the option to have the seat covered with air-permeable artificial leather.

Cross-member with swivel base
The cover of the sheet steel cross-member including the driver’s seat is forward foldable.
Thereby all wirings, terminals and bushings are easily accessible during commissioning and maintenance.
Swivel base has zero-clearance bearing and can be locked by a friction brake.

KST 51 With equipment boxes 200 x 580 mm

KST 52 With equipment boxes 270 x 580 mm

KST 54 With equipment boxes 320 x 580 mm