MLVNT couplers were designed for voltages up to 1.2KV and current loads up to 500amps. Measuring less than 7" at its widest point while still accepting 4/0 cable with our proven cable entrance, MLVNT couplers provide a compact, safe, and reliable connection. Keyed pins and positional insulators allow for multiple non-interconnecting configurations to prevent improper connections.

Couplers Medium Voltage No Thread


SOLID PTFE INSULATORS- MLVNT couplers use 100% virgin molded PTFE for the insulator plate. There are multiple advantages to using a PTFE plate over other materials. Firstly the hydrophobic qualities of PTFE and its nonstick properties make it very easy to clean and keep dry. Since contamination is the most likely cause of a failure in a coupler, maintaining a clean and dry surface is paramount. Another advantage of using PTFE for the insulator plate is the melting point for PTFE is over 600F meaning under even excessive loads the structural integrity of the insulator is maintained. PTFE is also chemically inert so operation in acidic mines will not damage the plate and allow infiltration into the back of the coupler.

500 AMP CONTINUOUS DUTY CONTACTS- TJB was the first to introduce split male contacts made of EC grade copper; the silicone button provides the required spring tension to prevent the contacts from jamming and allowing the elimination of failure prone multi-lam bands. To guarantee reliable operation male contacts use another TJB innovation, a button that expands when heated to increase the contact pressure under heavy loads. By designing the MLVNT contacts for 500 amps, the coupler rating exceeds the rating of any cable that will fit into the coupler ensuring cool operation.

NO-THREAD HOUSING CONNECTION- No thread connectors are by far the fastest, easiest, and most durable coupler connection type. They allow for a set of couplers to be connected with less than 90 degrees of rotation and detents at the end both actively confirm connection and prevent loosening from incidental movement. The no thread connectors are self-cleaning and the sleeved pin design acts as a roller reducing coupling effort and wear. The special key pin and corresponding slot prevent the couplers from being connected out of alignment