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Tratos Low Voltage (LV) cables (rated to 2,000 V or lower) are designed and tested to meet relevant UK, European and international standards. The company’s purpose-built, in-house laboratory and testing facilities deliver peace of mind to customers ensuring their LV cable products choices meet necessary requirements. Used for lighting and internal wiring in households, industrial and commercial locations including hospitals, shopping centres, schools and offices, Tratos LV cable products are also specified for demanding installations found in O&G, utilities and industrial locations. Tratos’ LV cables typically consist of a single-aluminium or copper conductor, insulation and sheathing and can be manufactured in standard and non-standard lengths and to any special design requirement.

Control Cable - Low Voltage

SKU: ControlCableLV

International Standard – IEC 60502-1
European Standards – EN 50525, EN 50397, HD 603, HD 604, HD 605, HD 626
UK Standard – BS 4553, BS 5467, BS 6724, BS 7870